All-New 2021 BMW Pickup Truck Is Based on the X7 SUV

The upcoming 2021 BMW Pickup Truck is happening. Unlike Mercedes, who took a risk with the Nissan Navara-based X-Class, BMW is taking a different approach. Demand for X-Class is weak, and BMW will try to deliver something quite the opposite. It is a high-end pickup truck based on the X7 SUV. Some cues are almost the same, but generally, the pickup truck variant will look to depart from the SUV in some aspects.

Like any other SUV-based pickup, this one will also deliver a high level of comfort and tech-rich cabin. Whatsoever, it is the BMW we are talking about. Performance is some kind of a mystery, but some rumors are already present. This model will go on sale in the first half of 2021.

2021 BMW Pickup Truck rear

2021 BMW Pickup Truck Exterior

As we said, the new 2021 BMW Pickup Truck is based on the X7 SUV. Two models will share the same architecture and plenty of styling cues. However, pickup will be 3.9 inches longer and up to 440 pounds lighter. BMW opted for extended use of carbon fiber and aluminum materials. From what we know, the bed will be able to accommodate items that are 55.1 inches long. Fold the tailgate, and this pickup will be able to store 78.7 inches long items.

The German manufacturer will also provide adjustable air suspension with two selectable levels. Thanks to that, you can load or unload cargo a lot easier. Lastly, the iconic Tanzania Blue Metallic exterior paint will be offered. We are expecting BMW to release more details closer to the release date.

2021 BMW Pickup Truck view

Same Level of Comfort as in the X7 SUV

It is another no brainer for the 2021 BMW Pickup Truck. The cabin will deploy the same materials and cues from the X7 SUV. We can’t say how exactly is going to look like, but the interior won’t provide any surprises. There will be room for five passengers and expect the same level of comfort as in the X7 SUV. We believe that the SUV will provide more standard equipment.

On the other hand, BMW Pickup Truck should arrive with more driver-assistance aids and, generally, a higher safety rating. We are convinced that BMW won’t offer all-digital gauges. After all, this is a pickup, so analog features are more likely.

2021 BMW Pickup Truck Engine

For a start, rumors about the all-electric powertrain are false. There won’t be EV version in the next two or three years. Even the hybrid variant is less likely to happen in the first year of production. Instead, the 2021 BMW Pickup Truck will offer conventional gasoline engines. Our first thought is borrowing engine lineup from the BMW X7 SUV.

At least one engine will be adopted, but no one knows which engine will be optional. There are a couple of candidates. A 3.0-liter six-cylinder is certain. As for the optional engine, a 4.4-liter V8 is the best fit BMW could offer at the moment. Both engines will arrive with 8-speed automatic transmission. Still, we can’t predict how much power can BMW Pickup produces.

2021 BMW Pickup Truck bed

Price and Release Date

The forthcoming 2021 BMW Pickup Truck will go on sale in the first quarter of 2021. Its price is not available yet. However, a premium pickup truck will surely start at $50,000 or above that. Trim levels are not available yet, along with the high-performance variants or special editions.


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