2020 Chevy Cheyenne offers plenty of modern features

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You probably remember the Cheyenne concept, well, the concept will finally hit the production. Firstly presented in 2003, the Cheyenne concept had some innovative design and features. Now, almost 17 years later, the 2020 Chevy Cheyenne will hit the markets. In 2003, unique cargo bed and side access doors are perhaps the highlights of the concept. But in today’s world, Chevy will hardly offer something innovative and unique.

This pickup truck will arrive as the regular model, but some speculations are saying that the Cheyenne could become one of the Silverado’s trim levels. Probably the range-topping trim or a special version. Unfortunately, the 2020 Chevy Cheyenne will largely depart from the concept. On the other hand, we expect a revolutionary design with the modern interior. Both gasoline and diesel drivetrains will be in the offer.

2020 Chevy Cheyenne

2020 Chevy Cheyenne will borrow styling cues from the other pickup trucks in Chevy line

There is no way that the pickup from 2020 uses a concept from 2003 as an inspiration. Of course, the idea is more than good, but the exterior will have to be in line with other modern pickup trucks. Knowing that the concept will serve as an idea but the design will be closer to the rest of the Chevrolet’s models. That means the 2020 Chevy Cheyenne will borrow styling cues from the other pickup trucks in Chevy line. Design language will be easy to spot, especially the front end. You can expect sleeker headlights in a combination with the more prominent front grille.

Those headlights will offer LED units as standard and fog lights will get the same treatment. The shape will stay as boxy as on the concept. On the other hand, expect a lot of chrome trims. Metallic exterior colors are available and you will be able to choose between different body styles. Moreover, Cheyenne will offer at least three trim levels.

2020 Chevy Cheyenne

2020 Chevy Cheyenne interior is modern

The interior of the all-new 2020 Chevy Cheyenne will look elegant and modern. The stylish design is what we expect, along with the practicality and functionality. The interior room is ample and the seats are very comfortable. Leather upholstery will be most likely optional.

The dashboard comes with a classic Chevrolet’s styling and the interior will offer plenty of modern features. Moreover, safety rating is good. Cheyenne will offer a lot of safety aids and drivers assistance features as standard. Tech-wise, the new infotainment system is a must and it will support Android Auto and Apple CarPlay.

2020 Chevy Cheyenne engine

2020 Chevy Cheyenne powertrain rumors

If the rumors are true, the 2020 Chevy Cheyenne will offer both gasoline and diesel engines. A gasoline drivetrain will be standard, probably a 6.2-liter EcoTec3. This V8 unit will deliver 420 horsepower and 450 lb-ft of torque. Unfortunately, there is no news about the diesel powertrain and its specifications.

On top of that, Cheyenne could offer at least one more engine option that will offer better fuel economy numbers. Not so reliable sources are saying the hybrid version could arrive immediately, but that is just a rumor and it won’t happen anytime soon.

2020 Chevy Cheyenne rear

2020 Chevy Cheyenne price and release date

This pickup truck will arrive later in 2019 and it will cost around $50,000, more or less. Chevrolet could reschedule its release for the March of 2020, so track the news about the new Cheyenne model. Also, have in mind the upper trim levels could cost over $65,000.

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