2022 Dodge Deora Legendary Pickup Truck Is Finally Revived

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The 2022 Dodge Deora is a pickup truck that we are all waiting for. Deora lived two completely different lives since its introduction in the 1960s. Firstly, it was a concept car, and its second form brought it as one of the Hot Wheels models. A Danish designer came up with the idea as an attempt to revive this iconic model. Deora comes in extraordinary shape and unique design.

Its interior is also strange, but it is also roomy and convenient. The chance of this model happening in real production is small, but it could arrive as some kind of special edition. Here’s how the Deora pickup truck looks like and what it offers.

2022 Dodge Deora front

2022 Dodge Deora Design Is Odd

The modern version of the Deora pickup retains the original design and shape. The 2022 Dodge Deora comes with an iconic V-shape between the windshield and the front fascia. The design looks unique with a front-mounted door and a small LID in the fascia. The bumper is modern, and some parts are looking sporty. The slim LED headlamps are looking beautiful, and the splitter is bigger than on the concept. To the sides, Deora adds more muscles, which is standard for a regular sporty car rather than a truck.

Side panels are providing easy access to the engine that sits behind the seats and under the bed. The modern version is based on the Rolls-Royce Phantom, which is unusual. The rear end makes a real stand out with its V-shaped air channels carved into the fenders. Thin light bars are gorgeous, and exhaust pipes in the bumper are actually speakers for the engine noise.

2022 Dodge Deora cabin

Interior Looks Fancy

The cabin is just as modern as the exterior design, in our opinion. The 2022 Dodge Deora looks fancy, and the entire interior is lined with wood, which looks classy. The seats can rotate, and the steering wheel retracts into the floor, just like the pedals. Deora pickup will be fully autonomous, so rotating seats are perfect for different riding positions.

Of course, the interior departs from the original concept. That means you should expect plenty of modern amenities and high-tech features on the inside. Lastly, Deora comes with black leather and unique Stewart Warner gauges.

2022 Dodge Deora Engine

As the story goes, a new 2022 Dodge Deora has been imagined with the Viper V10 engine. The same unit powers Dodge Viper supercar. It is an 8.4-liter V10 engine that rides on the rear-wheel-drive system. Interestingly, but V10 comes without a turbo or supercharger. Instead, ten pistons are pumping the energy up and down. Most likely, Deora will deploy an automatic transmission.

The engine delivers 645 horsepower and 600 lb-ft of torque. We don’t know how much power will this potent V10 engine make in the arriving pickup truck. Fuel economy is weak, only 12 mpg in the city and 21 mpg on the highway. However, Deora will be all about performance with estimated top speed rated at 205 mph.

2022 Dodge Deora rear

Price and Release Date

The idea is to deliver this pickup truck in 2022. The upcoming 2022 Dodge Deora won’t be produced by FCA at all. Interestingly, Deora was sold at the auction in 2009 for $325,000. However, if the pickup hits the production, it will be sold in limited numbers, and it will cost far less.

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