2022 Fiat Fullback End of Production?

Despite carrying the name after a position in American Football, Fullback pickup won’t come to the United States. The 2022 Fiat Fullback should happen in some parts of the world. It is the last chance for Fiat to deliver something that could attract customers. Fullback is a mid-size pickup truck, so America is a tough place to survive.

The segment is strong and full of established models such as Ford Ranger or Toyota Tacoma. Moreover, tax is another problem for manufacturers. Fullback is not the only model as Mercedes-Benz X-Class, and VW Amarok are also not available in the United States. As for the Fullback pickup, Fiat will deliver various updates and try to turn things around.

2022 Fiat Fullback What To Expect?

Fiat will build new Fullback pickup in alliance with Mitsubishi. The plan is to sell new Fullback in countries where Mitsubishi L200 is not available. The 2022 Fiat Fullback will gain plenty of improvements. For a start, L200 pickup will have a great impact on the new Fullback. Still, some parts will look brand-new and unique. A new platform is just one of the things that are currently in the works.

However, no one knows which architecture will underpin the new mid-size pickup truck. Fullback will hit the roads as a four-door model with generous cargo capacity. The front fascia will be completely redesigned. That includes new grille and headlights, while the rear part will gain new bumper and restyled taillights. Interestingly, some rumors are suggesting for Fullback to grow in size, but not significantly.

2022 Fiat Fullback

Interior Improvements

The interior is equally important, and Fiat won’t dodge this category. The upcoming 2022 Fiat Fullback will arrive with new cabin design, so serious changes are about to happen. The interior will provide more upright materials and a higher level of comfort. The previous Fullback was out of date, and it didn’t offer plenty of new high-tech amenities. However, that is about to change.

Additional equipment is a must, and the latest dimensional changes will provide more room for the passengers. The larger 7-inch display is new, and it will be offered as standard. The Italian manufacturer is working on a new infotainment system, and the latest driver-assistance aids will be available as an optional part of the equipment.

2022 Fiat Fullback Engine

A new engine is a must for the Italian automaker. The forthcoming 2022 Fiat Fullback should get a new powertrain option, and it could be an engine borrowed from the Mitsubishi L200. It is a 2.4-liter four-cylinder engine that generates 180 horsepower and 320 lb-ft of torque.

However, a new optional engine will happen, and it will be a potent V6 unit. New powertrain will fit the new platform, and it will produce over 200 horsepower. We are still waiting for Fiat to confirm these stories, and hopefully, we will get exact engine specs in the coming months.

2022 Fiat Fullback rear

Price and Release Date

The price of the new 2022 Fiat Fullback should remain, despite heavy upgrades. That means you can get a new mid-size pickup truck at slightly below $30,000. The sales will start at some point in 2021. New Fullback will be offered across Europe, Africa, and Asia. However, Fiat’s new pickup truck won’t be offered in the United States.

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