2022 Ford Courier Unibody Pickup Truck Rendered

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According to the latest reports, Blue Oval will add a new compact pickup truck to the lineup. However, this model won’t look like the car-based Courier. Instead, it will be a unibody pickup with a more rugged appearance. Of course, the goal is to satisfy the needs of the American markets. Based on the compact car platform, Courier will slot below mid-size Ranger pickup truck. Moreover, Courier will fill the gaps left by cars such as Fiesta and Focus. The 2022 Ford Courier could arrive with a different name but it will surely carry the Courier moniker.

Ford did a similar thing in the 70s with a pre-Ranger model. Other possibilities include Ranchero nameplate and even a part of the Bronco family.

2022 Ford Courier

2022 Ford Courier Appearance

In terms of appearance, a new 2022 Ford Courier will arrive as a compact unibody pickup truck. However, a new model won’t look cute as Ford plans to deliver a more rugged appearance. Courier will most likely borrow a lot of cues from Ranger pickup and Bronco Sport SUV. That means we should be seeing a boxy pickup with a blocky front end and recognizable truck profile.

On top of that, the 2022 Courier will offer beefy wheel arches and a truck-like bed. Tailgate trim panel will also be in the offer. Still, the way the cab flows back into the bed clearly suggests a car-based pickup. Whatsoever, Courier will deploy Ford’s C2 platform that underpins cars and it comes with a standard front-wheel-drive system. Moreover, Lincoln Corsair, Ford Escape/Kuga, and brand-new Bronco Sport will use the same architecture.

2022 Ford Courier engine

2022 Ford Courier Engine Specs

This compact pickup truck will most likely use the same engine lineup as the upcoming Bronco Sport SUV. In a Ford’s leaked document there are two engine options. Both are EcoBoost variants and 1.5-liter three-cylinder will be offered as standard. This unit generates 180 horsepower. The optional engine is a 2.0-liter turbo-four with 250 hp.

Both powertrains will use the same eight-speed automatic transmission. Moreover, similar engine lineup can be found in the Escape crossover. However, there is a possibility that the 2022 Ford Courier will generate slightly more power.

Possible Name

As for the name, the 2022 Ford Courier is currently what everyone expects. However, this is a pure guess and we can’t exclude the “Ranchero” nameplate. Ranchero was a pickup truck that Ford produced decades ago. Using old nameplates or reviving them is a very popular move by every established manufacturer in the world. The third outcome is also likely.

A new compact pickup truck could become a part of the Bronco family. That means this model will carry Bronco’s name and probably some type of suffix next to it.

2022 Ford Courier rear

2022 Ford Courier Price and Release Date

The upcoming 2022 Ford Courier will be built in Mexico, just like the Bronco Sport model. It is a Blue Oval’s plant called “Ford Hermosillo.” A compact pickup truck will firstly go on sale in the United States. However, this model will become available in Mexico and Canada as well.

The price is still not available, but we expect a new Courier to arrive at an affordable price. Furthermore, that means this pickup truck won’t cost above $30,000. The sales will start in the second half of 2021.

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