2021 Kia Pickup Truck

2021 Kia Pickup Truck Is Officially Happening

The upcoming 2021 Kia Pickup Truck is the brand-new model that will be offered in Australia. Kia confirmed that a dual-cab model will be sold in the Land Down Under, most likely next year. Moreover, the manufacturer is also working on a mid-size single-cab pickup truck. According to the latest reports, Kia Pickup Truck will offer both gasoline and diesel engine options. However, Kia didn’t specify which engines will power this new model.

The company’s goal is to hold around ten percent of the Australian market, for a start. Mazda is already offering its BT-50 pickup so Kia has big plans in this segment. Moreover, Hyundai’s Santa Cruz is coming soon and it will be a crossover-based unibody model. On the other hand, Kia will deliver a body-on-frame pickup with powerful engines and an affordable price.

2021 Kia Pickup Truck

2021 Kia Pickup Truck Outside Design

At this point, no one knows how new 2021 Kia Pickup Truck could look like. Many experts are convinced that the new model will try to mirror models Tucson and Santa Fe. Of course, we are talking about styling. What Kia did confirm is that the new model will be a mid-size pickup with a body-on-frame architecture.

In the first year of the production, Kia Pickup Truck will arrive in a single-cab variant. However, dual cab configuration is more than likely to happen as well. Unfortunately, we don’t know how exactly will this new model look. We expect a recognizable Kia’s design language with a slightly sportier stance and impressive bodywork.

Cabin Specs

In terms of interior design, the new 2021 Ka Pickup Truck will most likely mimic the company’s SUVs and crossovers. However, we don’t know if the interior will be based on Sportage, new Seltos, or some other model. No matter what happens, we will see a familiar dashboard design and the same high-tech features. That also includes advanced safety systems.

Seating capacity will depend on the chosen configuration but expect a high level of comfort. The interior layout will be similar to the Kia Sorento SUV and even the list of standard features won’t be much different. The manufacturer will also deliver a lot of soft-touch materials, especially in the upper trim levels.

2021 Kia Pickup Truck cabin

2021 Kia Pickup Truck Engine

The engine lineup will largely depend on the markets. As we said, a new 2021 Kia Pickup Truck will firstly arrive in Australia. However, the goal is to reach American soil. For that reason, we should expect two different versions of the pickup with different engines. However, Kia promised both gasoline and diesel engines.

Unfortunately, Kia didn’t say anything about engine specs or the transmission. Diesel is not certain for the United States, at least in the first year of production. In the future, we could expect diesel and of course, some sort of electrification, most likely plug-in hybrid system.

2021 Kia Pickup Truck Engine

Release Date and Price

The all-new 2021 Kia Pickup Truck will go on sale at some point next year. It is the brand’s first pickup truck ever so expect a more affordable price. Still, the price is not available yet. As for the rivals, Kia Pickup Truck will rival established models in the mid-size segment. That includes Chevy Colorado and Ford Ranger.

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