2020 Tesla Model U Pickup Truck

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The 2020 Tesla Model U pickup is an all-electric variant that could arrive next year. Elon Musk teased us with unveiling some details on his Twitter. He was asking for the followers to say what would they like to see in one such a model.

On the other hand, most of the facts about this electric pickup are pure speculation. We could start from the name “Tesla Model U” as this model could easily arrive under a different name. While we wait for more specific details, we’ll try to deliver all of the gathered information about this topic.

2020 Tesla Model U Pickup Truck

2020 Tesla Model U Pickup Truck exterior look

Can we expect anything else from Tesla besides the revolutionary design? The 2020 Tesla Model U Pickup Truck will for sure look very unique. On the other hand, we can expect some familiar styling cues taken from smaller company’s models. Of course, don’t expect futuristic design with plenty of glass, Tesla will settle for a more organic design. The shape is boxy just as any other pickup truck.

The only revolutionary thing could be a speculated “frunk”. Frunk is a front trunk that should provide astonishing storage space and it will be placed in the location where the engine should be. We don’t expect from this model to be more modern or aesthetical than the Tesla Model X. This is a pickup truck, which means taller stance, boxy shape, and larger proportions are a must.

2020 Tesla Model U Pickup Truck interior

2020 Tesla Model U Pickup Truck interior

The interior of the 2020 Tesla Model U Pickup Truck is an interesting topic to talk about. According to the latest rumors, this pickup will deliver six seats. The model will also offer plenty of room. Furthermore, modern pickup truck deserves modern features, and Tesla won’t disappoint in this category for sure.

With that in mind, we could expect premium amenities only, latest phone integrations and stuff such as a 360-degree camera. Furthermore, a 240-volt outlet is very likely and it will serve for heavy tools. The technology will include large infotainment touchscreen, modern gauges, and more driver assistance features.

2020 Tesla Model U Pickup Truck engine

2020 Tesla Model U Pickup Truck powertrain

This is the category where Tesla can’t fail. Ford Super Duty offers 450 horses and 935 lb-ft of torque. Ram 3500 delivers 900 lb-ft of twist, so expect something similar from the Tesla. If not the strongest, the 2020 Tesla Model U Pickup Truck should be the quickest pickup on the markets. And while the electric motors can provide great speed, towing could consume a lot of power.

This is another huge challenge for Elon Musk and his engineers. A driving range of 400 miles is a possibility, even for the workhorse as the model U. Furthermore, a 120 kWh battery pack will provide some extra miles with ease even when towing. A four-wheel-drive system will be in the offer for sure, and automatic transmission is the only solution.

2020 Tesla Model U Pickup Truck rear

2020 Tesla Model U Pickup Truck price and release date

We can expect a higher price, but not significantly higher than the rest of the competition. For an instance, the 2020 Tesla Model U Pickup Truck could start at around $65,000. It would be cool to see special variants or upper trims that will cost up to $100,000. This pickup is the future, however, a model for 2020 is perhaps too soon.

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