Tesla Pickup Truck To Starts Under $50,000

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The upcoming Tesla Pickup Truck will hit the markets next year. This truck will enter the markets right after the Tesla Model Y SUV. We have a new battle in the pickup truck segment where Tesla will look to rival Rivian R1T model. Reportedly, Rivian will deliver a pickup with an astonishing mileage and performances. However, Elon Musk surprised us all with its latest claims.

Musk said the price of the Tesla Pickup Truck will start under $50,000. It means that Tesla won’t compete in the luxury segment as Rivian. It will be interesting to see what the future hold for both manufacturers. Tesla’s newest pickup will look to continue a successful tradition after Model 3 sedan gained huge population.

Tesla Pickup Truck

Tesla Pickup Truck Design

As we said, Tesla Pickup Truck will arrive right after the Model Y SUV. Logically, pickup will borrow a lot of cues from the company’s SUV. On the other hand, the pickup truck will look distinctive and unique. We can expect a modern styling and taller ride.

The more aggressive front fascia and additional chrome trims should be enough. The same chrome trims will be around windows and door handles, not just around the grille. Lower parts of the vehicle will get black rims and tires are brand-new. The cargo bed is available, along with the numerous Tesla’s optional equipment.

Rivian R1T

Premium High-Tech Amenities

Elon Musk’s said the price will start under $50,000. This is a game changer. Everyone thought Tesla Pickup Truck will be a thing of luxury. Some reports already suggested the price in the same range. Some reports were talking about significantly bigger numbers. Of course, this model won’t come cheap. However, we are now sure the level of luxury from the inside will be not that high. Whatsoever, arriving pickup truck will offer great comfort. On top of that, we can expect premium high-tech amenities.

The interior will be one of the most modern interiors in the pickup truck segment, ever. Again, some cues are taken from the Model Y and Model X SUVs. On the other hand, some features and cues are really unique. Smaller dash with larger touchscreen unit is what we all expect. Moreover, the instrument cluster will be all-digital. The seats are folding flat and are opening a huge cargo area. Thanks to that, you can store longer items with no problem at all. A five-star safety rating is certain which means Tesla will offer plenty of driver-assistance systems.

Tesla Pickup Truck rear

Tesla Pickup Truck Engine

Some parts of the mechanics are still unknown. On the other hand, some things sound unreal. For instance, the Tesla Model X SUV is available with four electric motors. The same could happen with the Tesla Pickup Truck. First rumors said this model will produce around 300 horsepower and over 350 lb-ft of torque. Lately, Musk revealed a range of 400 to 500 miles per charge.

A dual motor configuration with the AWD setup will power the upcoming pickup. However, the towing capacity of 300,000 pounds sounds just unreal. A 240-volt connection for tools and equipment will be a great addition.

Tesla Pickup Truck view

Price and Release Date

Some things are much clearer now. Tesla Pickup Truck will cost $49,000. Elon Musk confirmed that the new model will start under $50,000. This may come as a disappointment.

Obviously, Tesla has no plans to compete in the same class as the Rivian. Rivian R1T pickup truck will cost drastically more and will compete in the luxury segment where competition doesn’t exist. Whatsoever, Tesla’s new pickup will go on sale at some point in 2020.

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