2019 Toyota Hilux Facelift, SR5 model

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The Japanese multinational company will release a new pickup truck 2019 Toyota Hilux in the near future-as per updates. When it comes to trucks, the company is up there with the best in the automobile industry. The Toyota manufacturer has been creating amazing and top-notch model’s day in day out for decades and it does not look like the company is going to stop anytime soon.

Like all the other models, the latest pickup truck is turning out to be a promising prospect. It is an aggressive, elegant and attractive pickup which will, without a doubt, rule the roads for some time.

2019 Toyota Hilux 

2019 Toyota Hilux exterior redesign

This new model of Toyota has immensely improved interior and exterior designs clearly outlined by Toyota. The lifted front end of the 2019 Toyota Hilux features LED Daylight headlights and fog lights.

It is also equipped with a modified bumper and grill which give it a unique look. The exterior of the pickup comes in different colors of black, white, blue and many more which attract different buyers according to their preferences. It is equipped with vertical taillights and silver handles which enhance the exterior look. Also, it features brand new alloy wheels measuring 17 inches each.

2019 Toyota Hilux interior

2019 Toyota Hilux interior

The interior side of this model is also good as the exterior if not better. The pickup possesses a huge touchscreen display, a set of speakers and a radio. Users will be accessible to Bluetooth availability and a WI-FI connection. In addition, it features a standard plastic dashboard together with metallic accents and silver cover handles.

The spacious interior has seats made of a high-quality leather fabric and can easily accommodate five passengers. Additional features include USB ports, cabin hangers, a floor carpet, airbags and safety belts to ensure the safety of the passengers.

2019 Toyota Hilux SR5 model

As in the past, the company will also introduce the special version of 2019 Toyota Hilux SR5. This model will take all attractiveness. It will feature a better grey rear bumper bar, bigger 18-inch alloy wheel with all-terrain tires, a black sports bar with bed liner, Rocco insignia, gloss black grille, black metallic trim inside the cabin and black wheel arch trims.

2019 Toyota Hilux side

2019 Toyota Hilux engine and performance

The engine is the most important component in every vehicle. The newest 2019 Toyota Hilux will be offered with three engine options. The first one under the hood is the 2,8-liter diesel engine that produces 130kW of power and 450Nm of torque with the six-speed automatic transmission. However, with the six-speed manual gearbox, the torque is 420Nm.

The next one is also a diesel variant 2,4 liter. This one gives less power than the first one 110kW of power and 400Nm of torque. With the four-wheel drive system, the torque will be 343Nm. The last one is the petrol 2,7-liter engine that produces 122 kW of power and 245Nm of torque. The fuel efficiency of this new model enables it to accelerate from a speed of 0 to 60 miles per hour in under 8 seconds making it a power horse.

2019 Toyota Hilux rear

2019 Toyota Hilux release date and MSRP

There has been no official announcement of neither the release date nor the official manufacturer’s retail price of the 2019 Toyota Hilux. However, this incredible Toyota model is expected to make its debut in the market in early 2019 and the price is expected to be starting from $ 26,000.

There is no doubt whatsoever that the 2019 Toyota Hilux has the makings and capacity to become one of the top dogs in the motor vehicle industry. This model has the features to make it flourish all over the world. It has been designed to match most of the market requirements. This spectacular model is already making headlines all over making it a must-have to all the pickup lovers.

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