2019 Toyota Tacoma Hybrid will get some exterior and interior changes

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After the confirmation of diesel engine, Toyota Tacoma will get a hybrid drivetrain next year. The 2019 Toyota Tacoma Hybrid will hit the markets in the coming months and it will deliver further upgrades, besides the engine. The mid-size pickup truck rides on its third generation and it is one of the most popular choices in the segment.

The 2019 Toyota Tacoma Hybrid will see some exterior and interior changes which will bring even more elegance and modernization. As always before, new Tacoma will borrow plenty of styling cues from the Toyota 4Runner and Toyota Hilux models. That includes the same platform, chassis, and even drivetrains. A famous TRD variant will also hit the markets later in 2019.

2019 Toyota Tacoma Hybrid

2019 Toyota Tacoma Hybrid exterior changes

When it comes to exterior design, the hybrid model will not largely depart from the diesel or gasoline variants. Styling will remain the same, but the latest upgrades are visible. On top of that, Tacoma Hybrid will be on par with upper trims of the gasoline model. That means there will be a lot of standard equipment and upscale features and that even includes safety aids.

The most changes will happen up front as the Tacoma Hybrid will get a redesign of front fascia and bumpers. Of course, most of the styling cues are borrowed from the Toyota Hilux, and new Tacoma will get new exterior paints.

2019 Toyota Tacoma Hybrid interior

2019 Toyota Tacoma Hybrid interior will get minor tweaks on the dashboard and instrument cluster

The cabin of the newest model 2019 Toyota Tacoma Hybrid will look exactly the same as before. The only minor tweaks will happen on the dashboard and instrument cluster. The biggest changes are that some optional amenities will become standard. Overall, the interior is very upscale, the layout is great and the design is very modern.

The infotainment system will get an update and it will support Android Auto and Apple CarPlay phone integrations. The 2019 Toyota Tacoma Hybrid comes with an interior that is closer to the higher trim levels than the base model with the gasoline engine. However, if you want luxury, opt for Tacoma TRD Pro model.

2019 Toyota Tacoma Hybrid side

2019 Toyota Tacoma Hybrid powertrain

The forthcoming 2019 Toyota Tacoma will get a hybrid drivetrain. Toyota already implemented a 3.5-liter V6 gasoline engine in the Highlander model and it combined it with three electric motors.

Tacoma will get the same combination which should improve the overall performance and fuel economy. Hybrid powertrain delivers up to 310 HP but the biggest change will happen in the mileage department.

The exact details are not available but expect a lot better fuel economy than on the regular gasoline models. All-wheel-drive configuration comes as standard. Besides the hybrid powertrain, regular Tacoma already got a diesel variant which was anticipated for a long time. A 2.8-liter diesel engine is already available and the larger 3.0-liter diesel unit should arrive later next year.

2019 Toyota Tacoma Hybrid rear

2019 Toyota Tacoma Hybrid price and availability

The price of the new 2019 Toyota Tacoma Hybrid will start at $32,000. The base model will cost $26,000 and the upper trim levels could hit the $50,000 price tag. This mid-size pickup will go on sale at the beginning of 2019.

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