2021 VW Atlas Tanoak First Look

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Started as a concept, the 2021 VW Atlas Tanoak could arrive in the near future. As its name suggests, Tanoak is based on the Atlas SUV so you should expect plenty of similarities. The company’s goal is to sell its new pickup truck in the United States but no one knows yet if that would actually happen.

Moreover, some reports are saying that the upcoming 2021 VW Atlas Tanoak model won’t hit the production line anytime soon. Some other rumors are suggesting a new model by the end of the year. Only the time will tell the truth but we must say the concept was very well received. Most likely, Tanoak will share the engine lineup with the Atlas SUV and some speculations are even mentioning an all-electric model in the future.

2021 VW Atlas Tanoak side

2021 VW Atlas Tanoak Looks Modern

The all-new 2021 VW Atlas Tanoak is a combination of its original concept and the Atlas SUV. Styling is recognizable but Volkswagen will deliver unique exterior elements. Tanoak looks modern and we like that VW didn’t opt for a more futuristic appearance like some other manufacturers. Tanoak will be a unibody pickup truck but you can hear the rumors about body-on-frame architecture.

The goal is to tackle Honda Ridgeline in every way and the unibody platform is just a beginning. Atlas Tanoak will most likely get brand-new headlights and a very unique grille with chrome accents. Narrow taillights will dominate the rear part and we should expect at least three different wheel options.

2021 VW Atlas Tanoak

Will Borrow Plenty of Stuff From its SUV Brother

The upcoming 2021 VW Atlas Tanoak won’t surprise us with its interior. Whatsoever, the concept showed a simple interior with a solid list of standard amenities. Of course, upper trim levels could provide a surprise or two, but the base trim level is exactly what Volkswagen offers for years. Logically, the pickup truck will borrow plenty of stuff from its SUV brother.

The interior room is generous and that is great to hear. Cab configurations are not available yet but we expect at least two cab setups. Interior design is similar to the Atlas SUV and it will feature the same dashboard and air vents. Even some buttons are replicated but the upholstery will be brand-new. Overall, the cabin provides more than solid comfort and plenty of high-tech amenities.

2021 VW Atlas Tanoak Powertrain

We don’t expect 2021 VW Atlas Tanoak to borrow a complete engine lineup from the Atlas SUV. However, one unit that will surely power the new pickup truck is a 3.6-liter V6. This gasoline powertrain is producing 275 hp and 260 lb-ft of torque. That is more than enough to rival Honda Ridgeline and even models such as Ford Ranger and Toyota Tacoma.

Diesel powertrain is not on the cards right now, but optional 2.0-liter turbo-four gasoline seems like the logical outcome. Thanks to a turbocharger, this engine delivers 235 hp and 280 lb-ft of twisting power. Even the transmission is a mystery at the moment. Lastly, Volkswagen plans to introduce an all-electric Atlas Tanoak in the next four years.

2021 VW Atlas Tanoak rear

Price and Release Date

In terms of pricing, the new 2021 VW Atlas Tanoak will cost around $30,000. As we said, its main competitor will be Honda Ridgeline but Volkswagen will need to make a breakthrough in the United States first. We are still waiting on the manufacturer to release more details, including cab configurations and trim levels. If everything goes according to plan, we could be seeing this pickup truck later in 2020.

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