Volkswagen Tarok Confirmed For The Next Year

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Volkswagen is entering the compact pickup truck segment with its new Tarok model. New Volkswagen Tarok will hit the markets later in 2019 but some markets will have to wait a little more. The forthcoming pickup is based on the “Tarok” concept. According to well-informed sources, the production model will look close to the concept.

Of course, Tarok still has to make a breakthrough in the United States. For that reason, this model is very uncertain for 2020 in the North American markets. VW surely has big plans for its new compact pickup truck. After the Tanoak pickup, Tarok is arriving with smaller dimensions and potent engines.

Volkswagen Tarok front

Volkswagen Tarok Delivers Sporty Design

While Tanoak is larger than Tarok, both models will ride on the same MQB architecture. Of course, Volkswagen Tarok is smaller so its platform will be modified. Its compact dimensions are highlighted with a 47.5 inches long bed. If Tarok arrives in the U.S. this bed will be the smallest bed in the segment.

As for the design, VW promised a sharp look with distinctive features and upscale appearance. Most of the features should be the same as on the concept. A Targa-inspired roof bar is just one of the superb things on this pickup. LED accents are not available up front, like on the concept. Front fascia delivers sportier design and sleeker look. At first glance, new Tarok looks longer than its competitors and it offers a lower ride height. For now, only a four-door version is certain.

Volkswagen Tarok interior

Interior Look

To this moment, the concept is the only source of interior details. VW still didn’t reveal how the cabin will look like. New Volkswagen Tarok will surely deliver an upscale cabin with plenty of modern features. After the latest reports, it became clearer that Tarok won’t borrow some cues from the Tanoak model. That means we can expect an all-new cabin that looks unique.

VW will surely offer a fully digital gauge cluster. Tanoak features smaller displays so we can expect larger units in the Tarok model. Two-Tone leather upholstery will be optional and only a few automakers are offering this type of upholstery. On top of that, Volkswagen is promising a practical cabin with plenty of room. Comfort is guaranteed and the interior room will be ample for the compact segment.

Volkswagen Tarok side

Volkswagen Tarok Powertrain

So far, only one powertrain is certain. It is a 1.4-liter four-cylinder engine that comes with a turbocharger. This unit delivers 150 horsepower and it runs on pure E100 ethanol. On top of that, the engine is mated to a 6-speed automatic transmission.

VW offers a 4Motion AWD system as optional. We are still waiting on diesel specs. Volkswagen Tarok will most likely deploy a 2.0-liter TDI. This unit perfectly meets the emission regulations in Europe and South America. However, this engine won’t be enough for North America so we can expect an engine with more power.

Volkswagen Tarok rear

Price and Release Date

When it comes to pricing details, it is another mystery. The upcoming Volkswagen Tarok will look to rival Fiat Toro model. Toro starts at $28,000. Logically, VW will offer the same price or slightly lower.

This compact pickup truck will hit the dealerships later in 2019 in Europe. Other markets will have to wait slightly more. New Volkswagen Tarok should arrive in South America in the first quarter of 2020. A model for the United States is still uncertain.

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